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SU vs. UVA Recap

Posted Monday, March 06, 2006 by John Desko

OK, we have to have short memories; we are playing G-town this Friday night in the Dome at 7pm.

I did not go to the game but listened to is as much as I could, seemed to me that we need to win more face-offs.

I did get this from Tom Hardy who was at the game:

Our midfielders are getting beat up like no other right now. Rommell went down the very first run of the game with what looks like ligament damage according to the trainers. That was a huge loss. The D-mids, Kenney and Corrozza played great, but we couldn't get them off the field. They would play some good defense and get the ball to our end, finally and the attackmen would hang them out to dry by not coming back to them to get the ball. That caused them to get stripped by a very good UVA long pole and forced them to go to the goal more often than I'm sure even they would have liked to. We basically used 4 offensive middies, 3 freshman and Crockett, for the whole game along with the 2 defensive mids. We scored at will against UVA, but we never had the ball. The encouraging thing about the game though, we got dominated the final 3 quarters of the game and they still couldn't put the Cuse away until 3 empty net goals within the final 4 minutes after we sent the goalie out to double. Not to mention the fact they are a senior dominated team and we have a lot of freshman and sophomores contributing. If we can win a few more face-offs in the upcoming games watch out, we could be putting up 20 goals a games easy with our offense.


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I will have a preview of this week's game on Thursday or Friday morning.



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