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SU vs. Loyola Saturday at 4pm in The Dome

Posted Monday, April 03, 2006 by John Desko
Well you'll-

I was at the game Saturday and it was a vast improvement from the Hobart game earlier in the week. Of course this was a much needed win and it was against I think a lesser team in Loyola. The Orange came out with a V with the final score being 12-6.

My take was the defense did a great job. Peter C (the goalie) had a good game making 15 saves. We won face-offs and picked up ground balls. I think that Steve Panerelli had a heck of a game on the Defensive side while adding a nice goal with his long pole. If the kids can keep this up they have a good shot of beating the Tigers this weekend. We seemed to click with the ball in our sticks, the freshmen (Hardy, Perritt, Abbott) middies played well contributing I believe 5 out of the 12 goals we scored. I was a bit discouraged to see lack-luster attendance at the game. It seems like fans are down on the team, but they have to realize that this team is very talented and every game gets them more experience and therefore they get better each game. Do I see them doing well in the playoffs? They certainly can be a force come that time of the year. It is anyone's game in the modern day of lax. Over the weekend #2 Cornell lost to #16 ranked Penn that is the type of parity in the game today.

I have provided some links below to both the SU and Loyola websites to get a different, better articulated, insight on the game.



I will hopefully have time to get out an email to you on Friday previewing the SU/Princeton Game.

Again, until then head to www.friendsofsulax.com and sign up so we can hear about what you are doing.

And make sure that you catch up on Carc's CSTV.com column to hear his latest take on the world of D-1 Lax!

Go Cuse!


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