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Posted Friday, April 14, 2006 by Ric
Let the Lax world be put on notice our Orange in the past 5 days have beaten # 5 and the # 4 team in the land! Tuesday night the Cuse beat #4 Ranked Cornell at Cornell on a game winning goal with 48 seconds left by Freshman Middie Pat Perritt. What a game this was going down to the wire. We did a great job all around the field. We won face-offs, picked up GB's, and shot well. The middies had a great game. Joe Yevoli and Brett Bucktooth looked real good on attack and the defense was again very tight. Peter C our goalie made some clutch saves.

Link to the Cornell Stats

This showed the lacrosse world that we are still a force. Everyone thought we were dead but we have risen! I never had doubt, this team is very talented, but young, but when the young that are great get the experience they need look out and this is what is happening now. We can and will keep the momentum going this weekend against Rutgers @ Rutgers.

Now I want to see how we are perceived after we beat Rutgers in next week's polls. I think that we definitely deserve to be in the Top 10, I personally think we should be the # 4 or 5 team but we will not get the respect we deserve. The greatest thing I think about be who we are is people really want to see us lose and when we win and win big it gets those people so mad. We know what it is like to win and lose the big games and the reason most of those ?haters' are jealous of what we have done in our careers. It is hard for me to articulate as you can see but you all know what I mean.

So this weekend we are taking on an unranked Rutgers team that is very well coached. They (Rutgers) in the past have upset us many times when not expected so the guys need to keep focused on the prize, another win.

And after we take on the Scarlet Knight we take on the Albany Great Danes who are a Top 25 team and no slouch.

So get to the game this weekend if you live near by.

And Go Cuse!!!!


Ric Class of 1995

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